Why DriveEaze?

Free For Your Policy Holders

DriveEaze is free to use for all policy holders!  Customers should contact your brokerage to receive their free *access code to start enjoying the benefits of DriveEaze today!

*Access codes are only available through insurance brokers connected with the DriveEaze Participation Program.

Driving tools

DriveEaze driving tools will give users a reason to open the app often. Here is what we are adding to the app.

Automotive Scheduler

Schedule everything from an oil change to tire rotation. This convenient little widget will send you a notification when an appointment is scheduled.

Trip Tracker

A convenient widget allowing for the user to track his/her mileage over a period of time.

Driving tools in development

  • Gas Price Finder
  • Traffic updates
  • Trip Planner
  • Expense Reporting

Insurance Brokers | Free installation, No Set Up Fee

That's right, no installation or set up fee!

DriveEaze is free to use for all policy holders! The way it works, after signing up to the DriveEaze Participation Program the insurance broker will receive login information to their DriveEaze mobile app back-end. Here they can co-brand the app with their logo, change brand colors, add a banner for advertising purposes, and other administrative tools. They can also create an access code for their policy holders to use. All this for an affordable monthly fee.


Insurance Brokers | BMS Integration

How can DriveEaze become the best mobile claims app in the market?

The answer is BMS integration. All brokers run some sort of Broker Management System. These systems help in the sharing of information from brokers to insurance carriers and vice versa.

An advantage of providing BMS integration with the DriveEaze app is allowing policy holders to connect to their policy information at a click of a button. It can provide a digital display of policy information including "pink slip", vehicle coverage, renewal date, and so forth.

DriveEaze is working hard to provide BMS integration in the coming year. Stay tuned!

Insurance Brokers | Stay Independent, Stay in Control

DriveEaze is not affiliated with any insurance carrier. We are independent and strictly focused on the insurance broker and the policy holder.

The insurance industry is currently going through a phase of technology growth. Many insurance carriers including financial institutions have embraced this new wave of technology growth by offering their own solutions for mobile and digital delivery initiatives, leaving the majority of independent insurance brokers without the right tools to compete.

DriveEaze offers a digital solution comparable to those offered by larger institutions at a fraction of the cost. It is brandable, multi-functional and available today. DriveEaze allows any insurance broker to compete on an even play field.


Insurance Brokers | We market so you don't have to

Build your Brand with DriveEaze! We provide the brokerage with professionally-designed marketing materials for your website and print medium. Utilizing these marketing materials will help to inform your customers about the availability of your new app.  Having the app on their mobile devices will keep your brand top-of-mind and provide easy contact at the click of a button. The banner ad space can further enhance your brand by providing timely and important information every time they open the app.