DriveEaze offers digital pink slip.
DriveEaze for Android is now available, Apple iOS will be released this fall 2017

Insurance Claims on your Phone!

Easy to install. Convenient to have. Essential when it's needed.

DriveEaze, makes it Easy.

The DriveEaze mobile app is the essential insurance claims tool for today’s digitally savvy consumer. The App provides an easy Claims Wizard for filing auto insurance claims. The Wizard insures the user is collecting and providing the essential information at the scene, and submitting it within minutes of the accident. The information is transferred securely. The email is received by the address chosen by the broker in a timely manner for a quick and precise start to the claims process.

The DriveEaze process is simple. Open the app, click on claims and then click claims wizard to follow the step by step guide helping your customer through gathering the comprehensive information required by the insurance carrier.

Although at its core DriveEaze is an insurance claims app, it will, in the near future, also provide users with a complete tool box of driving assist features. These features will include useful tools like tire rotation reminder and trip tracker reporting. Plus DriveEaze will be constantly expanding its functionalities to make it the leading driver assist app in the marketplace.

It's Easy for your client

  • Download the app
  • Install on phone
  • Register their information and broker access code

DriveEaze is only available free to policy holders whose Insurance Brokers are registered to the DriveEaze Participation Program. If your Brokerage is not yet a member, contact us and you can offer your own branded app to your customers same day.


Insurance Claims Go Mobile!

Over the past year, the DriveEaze development team has been working hard to provide the insurance industry with a cost effective mobile experience. We focused on two main targets. The insurance policy holder and insurance broker. Our goal was to create an easy-to-use app that would assist drivers in submitting insurance claims through the use of mobile technology.

To have a successful app however, we needed to push through some essential road blocks.

First, there needs to be a reason for a policy holder to download the app. Most drivers don't expect to have an accident or need their policy information on their smartphone. Drivers, especially young drivers, may not have any experience with accident claims submission. It is important they get it right the first time. With our easy Claims Wizard they will get it right the first time. Knowing this provides “peace of mind” to parents and anyone with little to no experience with properly filing claims.

Providing an app that helps to facilitate insurance claims may not be enough. So we needed to offer something more useful to policy holders. It only made sense that a mobile insurance app should provide a number of driving tools as well. 

Secondly, DriveEaze has a full-functioning back-end allowing Insurance Brokerages full control of their app and it's content. Control is essential. Allowing insurance brokers to update their app instantly at their discretion is crucial to satisfying the need for promoting their brokerage's brand and marketing efforts.



Customer Service

DriveEaze is committed to providing top quality customer service. If you have any questions about the app or the broker back-end, please feel free to contact us anytime. You will get to talk with a human being, not a machine.

Technical Issues?

Have a look at our Frequently asked questions page in the Broker Back-end. If you are still having problems please visit our Technical Assistant page and we will do our best to solve any problem you may be having with the app or back-end

Broker Service

Our broker partnerships are the backbone of our service commitment! Are you a broker and need assistance with the app or back-end? Contact us immediately and we will help you through any issues.

Suggest a future update

Is there something you wish the app could do that isn't there now? Let us know.  We are not only accepting, but encouraging suggestions for new app functionality and driving tools. Your suggestion could be our next update!

BMS Integration

DriveEaze is currently working on BMS integration. DriveEaze is focused on providing the essentials to your drivers. Most brokers run some sort of Broker Management System. These systems help in the sharing of information from brokers to insurance carriers and vice versa.

That being said, as the market demands change, DriveEaze will soon provide BMS integration for brokers who want it. Stay tuned!